RJTR provided interior design services for Related Group's Atlanta headquarters. The design challenge was to create an airy, upscale, museum-like office space, within a limited budget. ´╗┐Leveraging resources typically specified in multifamily projects, we worked closely with vendors to achieve a sophisticated and polished final look without resorting to high-end materials. Adding high-end design detailing, the team pushed the envelope. A radial office layout celebrates the uniquely shaped oval building footprint. Cove lighting diffuses across the soaring 15 foot tall lobby, visually floating the ceiling and enhancing the elliptical form. Slicing into the oval, the conference room becomes a focal point entering the main lobby as a glass jewel box. Finally, a hospitality-inspired coffee bar greets arriving guests, and becomes a social hub for the office. The bar features a full slab backslash, contrasting solid stone surfaces and an ultra-slim waterfall edge design. The completed project resulted in a space that has phenomenal light quality, clean forms, and chic materials, all while remaining within budget.